Founded in 2020, Yellow Brick Games is proud to be headquartered in Quebec City, Canada. Now counting over 60 employees, the studio is currently in production of its first title.Embracing a hybrid approach to development, team members work either locally at our main studio in St. Roch — Quebec City's tech hub — at our new office space in Montreal, or remotely from around the globe.

Our First Step

Our first new IP is an action RPG built in partnership with Private Division, a developer-focused publisher whose dedicated and highly experienced team have worked on titles such as Kerbal Space Program, The Outer Worlds, and Olli Olli World.

Press Release - March 16th, 2022

Our Focus

We believe in digital playgrounds: deeply interactive spaces where player creativity can shine. To this end we are crafting spaces with strong, learnable rulesets, intriguing reasons to explore and achieve, and encouraging our players to develop their own solutions and playstyles.


Our Values

Ours is a culture of commitment, where the team guides the work that can be done in each block of time, and each member accepts responsibility for and commitment to their own deadlines. We take wellness seriously, and our schedules are designed with flex in mind to account for the unpredictable. Building a healthy culture is equally important as developing great titles.

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